Zelensky urged to transfer Russian assets frozen around the world to Kyiv Russian News EN

Ukrainian President Zelensky called for the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Kyiv

President Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in a video message in his Telegramchain promised that all buildings in Ukraine would be rebuilt and that there would be no ruins left in the country. In this regard, he appealed to order Kyiv Russian assets frozen all over the world.

“There will be no ruins in Ukraine. This is our goal,” the politician said.

According to him, to achieve this, it is necessary that the frozen assets of Russian officials and oligarchs be transferred to kyiv, which will deal with the restoration of Ukraine. Zelensky said he was convinced that in this case Russia really expects defeat.

Previously President world Bank (BM) David Malpas predictedthat Ukraine will have additional key economic expenditures in 2023, which will amount to approximately $11 billion. The head of the organization noted that the bank managed to find “emergency financing” for Ukraine, the amount of which exceeds 23 billion dollars. He added that $20 billion of that amount had already been distributed. Malpas assured that the bank closely monitors that the funds allocated to Kyiv are spent for the intended purpose.

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