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Ukrainian President Zelensky approved a record $14.5 billion increase in defense spending

President Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky approved a document passed by parliament to increase spending in the defense budget by a record $14.5 billion. On this subject on Tuesday, April 11, in its Telegram-the chain says the deputy Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

The law will come into force on Thursday, April 13. Of these funds, 372.4 billion hryvnias (about 10 billion dollars) are provided to the Ministry of Defense, 98.3 billion (2.6 billion dollars) – for the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4, 6 billion hryvnias (124.5 million dollars) will be sent to the main intelligence department, 9.3 billion (251.6 million dollars) – to the security service, 31.6 billion (about 855 million dollars) are intended for the administration of special communications of the State.

Previously reportedWhat European Union (EU) and UNITED STATES aid Kyiv set the budget. Ukrainian government presented its budget needs for 2023, which it estimates at $39.9 billion. Kyiv covered the budget deficit after the approval of the four-year program IMF support Ukraine with a total budget of $15.6 billion, taking into account EU support under the macro-financial assistance program and assistance from other donors.

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