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Zakharova: in the West they are trying to make a victim of a suspect in the murder of Tatarsky

Official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said of the suspect in the murder of a war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky in the west they try to sculpt the image of the victim. The journalist proved that today the front is absolutely everywhere – in the war zone, in the rear and in the cities, in people’s hearts and minds, the diplomat condemned the attitude of Western representatives in his telegram channel.

In the West, they try to mold the image of the victim. Initially, this attack had the obvious characteristics of a crime under false or false flag – another staged, a technique so dear to the West.

Maria ZakharovaOfficial representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

According to her, Vladlen Tatarsky was close to death several times on the battlefield, but died in the center petersburg at the hands of a terrorist who, according to preliminary data, acted on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services. Zakharova complained that in the six days since the incident, none of the Western “guardians” of media freedom have uttered a word of condemnation of this “cruelty beyond human norm, expressed basic compassion for the victims”.

The diplomat noted that today there are those who, rubbing their hands in joy, make statements that can be called public justification of terrorism. In addition, pathological hypocrisy has long become a political tradition of the West and its unconditional reflex, she pointed out. This is seen most clearly in the example of “through and through, the false concern for the rights of journalists and the media”. said.

Death of Tatarsky

War correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky (real name – Maxim Fomin) died on Sunday April 2 in an explosion at a cafe on Universitetskaya embankment in central St. Petersburg. As a result, the victims have been recognized more than 40 people came to meet the journalist creatively. Tatarsky died at the scene.

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Subsequent accusation of having committed a terrorist attack present 26 years Darya Trepova. According to investigators, she handed Tatarsky a figurine previously stuffed with explosives. Basmanny Court Moscow arrested the person involved in the case until June 2.

It was clarified that the girl was charged under paragraph “b” of part 3 of article 205 (“A terrorist act committed by an organized group resulting in the intentional death of a person”) and the part 4 of article 222.1 (“Illegal carrying of explosive devices committed in an organized gang”) of the Penal Code Russia.

IN National Counter-Terrorism Committee declared that the crime had been planned and organized from the territory Ukraine. Investigators said all participants in the criminal chain will be identified – from performers to customers.

High profile murder investigation

On April 4, reports emerged that responsibility for the terrorist attack in St. took on the National Republican Army. Its representatives claimed to have organized a terrorist attack directed personally against the military commissar Vladlen Tatarsky. At the same time, according to them, they are not associated with any foreign special structures or services.

In the same day appeared details of Darya Trepova’s interrogation. In particular, she said she met an online activist who suggested she move to Kyiv and become an editor, but for this you had to complete an internship by completing a number of tasks. Transferring the bust with explosives was just one of them, Daria claimed. At the same time, Trepova said she doesn’t know exactly what’s inside the figurine.

Two days later, on April 6, the Cyber ​​​​Front Z movement called on the Russian Foreign Ministry to carry out by United Nations Security Council Confessions of a former MP State Duma Ilya Ponomarev (recognized Ministry of Justice of Russia foreign agent) and the “National Republican Army” as terrorists to put them on the international wanted list. The call said the organization was associated with Ponomarev, who called for protests and terrorist attacks in Russia.

Last year, the same organization had already claimed responsibility for the murder of journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina. NRA fighters were planning an attack on Ukrainian soldier Natalia Vovk

Representatives of the Cyber ​​Front Z movement

On April 8, it was reported that Trepova begin cooperate with the investigation. It was noted that all of his testimonies are carefully checked by the investigative and operational groups, which include dozens of law enforcement officers. Investigators identify the 26-year-old girl’s alleged accomplices and elaborate various motives and versions of the attack.

The reaction of Russian politicians

April 5 President of Russia Vladimir Poutine At a meeting of the Security Council, he said that the potential of special services of Western countries was involved in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Russia by kyiv.

Neo-Nazis and their accomplices not only operate in the territory of the new subjects of the federation, but also commit crimes in other regions. There is every reason to believe that the potential of third countries — Western intelligence services — is involved in the preparation of such sabotage and terrorist attacks.

Vladimir PoutinePresident of Russia

On the same day, Maria Zakharova declaredthat Russia will raise the subject of the murder of war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky during a discussion in the UN Security Council.

On April 7, it became known that the acting head of the diplomatic mission Canada Brian Ebel called at the Russian Foreign Ministry. He was the subject of protests about the statements of the Permanent Representative of Canada to UN Robert Ray. According to the department, with his statements, Ray supported the terrorist attack on Tatarsky. The Canadian side was also accused of inciting Russophobia.

Funeral of Vladlen Tatarsky

Saturday April 8 in Moscow took place farewell ceremony with Vladlen Tatarsky. The military commander was buried in the Troekurovsky cemetery. As noted, his relatives, friends and associates, including representatives GDPR and rapper Akim Apachev. Initially, media reported that around 300 people came to the funeral ceremony with the deceased.

Later, information appeared that more than a thousand people attended the funeral of the military correspondent. including the cemetery arrived founder of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin. He called Tatarsky a soldier whose voice will live forever and speak only the truth.

Vladlen Tatarsky did a lot so that we could achieve victory and destroy the enemy. Thank you for that, we will always remember him

Yevgeny PrigozhinFounder of PMC “Wagner”

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