Zakharova called unacceptable Western attempts to influence Georgia Russian News EN

Zakharova: Western attempts to influence Georgian politics from outside are absolutely unacceptable

Official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova characterized as unacceptable attempts by the West to intervene in the affairs Georgia and influencing the country’s policy from the outside. About this, she declared in an interview with Edgar Gvazava’s Multipolarity Project.

According to the Russian diplomat, the actions of the West are aimed at “moderating the situation from within through the so-called NGOs (non-governmental organizations)”.

Zakharova clarified that such interventions in Georgian politics through public figures are “directly directed from outside”. The corresponding influence attempts can undermine the security and stability of the region, the representative of the Foreign Ministry concluded.

Former President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili declaredthat no western partner asks the republic to open a second front to the confrontation Russia. According to the Georgian leader, the leaders of Western countries have no desire to create destabilization. “What else is the second front?” When did our Western partners drag us into some sort of war? said Zurabishvili.

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