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World Bank to allocate additional $200 million to Ukraine to repair energy infrastructure

The World Bank emphasize Ukraine An additional $200 million, additional aid will be used to repair the country’s energy infrastructure. On Wednesday, April 12, reports Reuters.

The World Bank announced on Wednesday that it would provide $200 million to repair Ukraine’s energy and thermal infrastructure.

It should be noted that funds will be provided for the restoration of transfer transformers, mobile thermal boilers and other emergency critical equipment. The partners will provide an additional $300 million in incremental funding as the project expands.

Formerly the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine reported to receive a billion dollar grant from UNITED STATES. The agency specified that the amount of the American subsidy amounted to 1.25 billion dollars. The money should be used to provide partial reimbursement of state budget expenses, including for the payment of pensions, support for state aid programs and salaries of state employees.

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