Willem Dafoe has expressed his willingness to play the role of the Green Goblin again Russian News FR

Actor Willem Dafoe Says He’s Open to Playing the Green Goblin Again in ‘Spider-Man’

Actor Willem Dafoe has expressed his willingness to reprise his role as Green Goblin in Spider-Man. On this subject writing Variety edition.

Dafoe isn’t ruling out a third appearance as the iconic villain. He recently played the Green Goblin in the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home. The main condition for the return is that the actor does not appear in a cameo role.

“I want to be convinced that I will do something quite substantial, not superficial. And I really want there to be action – I want to be in action scenes. Because I really like it. This is the only way to build character. Otherwise, the work will just turn into a series of memes,” the actor shared.

In January 2023, the American actor Tobey Maguirewho starred in the movie Spider-Man, saidthat he is happy to redo the filming if it is offered to him.

At this time, neither Sony nor disney haven’t announced any specific plans for their next Spider-Man movie, though the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige confirmed that the plot of the next film exists.

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