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Blogger Ann from the United States angered her husband by going to school for children in a tight top and shorts

Blogger Ann (last name unknown) from the United States chose a revealing outfit to go to school for her children and angered her husband. She shared the relevant story in her ICT Tac-account.

On the posted frames, the influencer with the nickname taylorwhite1980 demonstrated the image that caused the condemnation. So, the woman appeared in front of subscribers in a tracksuit with a snake print, which consisted of a tight top with a deep neckline and short shorts. “I can’t pick up the kids from school like this?” Ann signed the video.

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Viewers did not like the appearance of the network user, as they wrote in the comments under the post. “Of course you can dress like this, but definitely not for this occasion”, “I think this costume is a bit cheap”, “I think you should show respect to your family and dress appropriately for the occasion”. ‘school,’ they wrote.

In January, professional dancer Sydney Bell forced out mall for being too revealing an outfit. In the released images, Bell appeared in a brown mini dress that exposed her legs. At the same time, cellulite was noticeable on the thighs of the influencer.

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