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Breaking Defense: the United States authorizes the sale of equipment for the new French aircraft carrier

IN UNITED STATES enabled the sale of equipment for the new French aircraft carrier. On this subject informed Severance Defense.

We are talking about an electromagnetic catapult and a flame arrester – advanced equipment used on American aircraft carriers such as Ford. According to the publication, the recently presented project of the latest French aircraft carrier involves the use of suitable American systems, since they are not produced by industry. France.

We know that the French side, as a close American ally, will have no difficulty in obtaining authorization to purchase the necessary equipment. In addition, French soldiers may have the opportunity to train on board an American ship.

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In March, a columnist for the American magazine Popular Mechanics Kyle Mizokami REMARKthat the only Russian aircraft carrier under repair is a heavy cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” – is theoretically a combat-ready ship.

The same month, the Times writingthan the cost of repairing the largest ship in the Royal Navy Britain – the aircraft carrier Prince of Wales – has increased sevenfold and the situation around it is a “national disgrace”.

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