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“Izvestia”: the Russian army by the end of 2023 will receive a new mining system “Agriculture”

By the end of 2023, several engineering units and formations of military districts will immediately receive a new engineering system for remote mining “Agriculture”. On Friday, March 31, write “News” referring to the sources of Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Externally, the installation resembles a multiple launch rocket system and (MLRS). It works on the same principle: it fires 122 mm caliber rockets. However, falling to the ground, they do not explode, but burrow and arm themselves in a combat position. The flight range of ammunition is 5-15 km. With one volley, the system can cover an area comparable to the area of ​​several football pitches. The combat vehicle is equipped with a satellite navigation system, a computer and a weather station.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, over the two years of operation, the system turned out to be excellent both in exercises and in combat work. However, earlier there were certain doubts about the need to adopt it for service in the Russian army.

Previously were published footage of the use of the Russian mining system “Agriculture” in the area of ​​​​a special military operation (SVO) on Ukraine.

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