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The design office “Spektr Engineering” has developed a prototype underwater drone “Skat”

IN Russia developed the Skat underwater vehicle, designed for monitoring hydraulic structures, demining and lifting objects. Andrey Bratenkov, Executive Director of Design Bureau (KB) Spektr Engineering, announced that CASS.

According to him, the telemetry-controlled drone received a flight controller that allows you to effectively control the device from the ground. “Scat” is also designed for recognition and lifting of objects to a depth of 100 meters.

The cost of “Skat” is 1.5 million rubles. The device can operate in running and standing water conditions. Drone weighing 4.7 kilograms develops a speed of up to nine kilometers per hour. Bratenkov said the company has developed a prototype device that floats and submerges. In addition, the design office is ready to start small-scale assembly.

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He noted that when creating the drone, the developers took into account the wishes of the representatives of the Russian armed forces participating in the special military operation (SVO). “Now everything has melted down in the NWO zone. “Scat” can be effectively used in demining operations. Russian intelligence officers expressed a desire to create an underwater drone that could be launched to the opposite shore, so that the device would leave a mine at the water’s edge. Skat is perfectly suited for this task,” Bratenkov said.

Formerly Bratenkov reportedthat specialists from KB “Spektr Engineering” have developed a robotic platform for the destruction of armored vehicles. A ground drone can carry five kilograms of payload.

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