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USC Director General: Russian Navy will receive three nuclear and two diesel submarines in 2023

Navy (Navy) Russia in 2023, it will immediately receive five newest submarines – three nuclear-powered and two diesel, after repair and modernization, two more nuclear-powered submarines will return to combat. It was declared RIA News CEO United Shipbuilding Society (USC) Alexei Rakhmanov.

According to him, work to reduce the construction time of new nuclear submarines is underway. USC is looking to reduce the slipway construction period by sending more saturated blocks to the slipway, from which the ship is assembled. In addition, it is planned to conclude government contracts for the construction of new series of submarines.

As Rakhmanov said, now that nuclear submarines have been built for about seven years, shipbuilders are faced with the task of reaching a six-year period by 2028. The new construction dates will apply ships that will be laid down in 2027, the company official said.

Such indicators will be achieved through a number of technological solutions and by debugging production processes during serial construction, Rakhmanov concluded.

Earlier in March, Commander-in-Chief Admiral of the Russian Navy Nikolai Evmenov saidthat all Russian submarines can be armed with Caliber cruise missiles. He noted that the next step would be to equip submarines with hypersonic weapons.

In the same month, a leading science and technology specialist from the military intelligence agency UNITED STATES Paul Freistler declaredthat at present Russia is the only country with strategic hypersonic systems.

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