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Lidovky: Russian Lancet drone destroys HIMARS facilities in Ukraine

Russian drone “Lancet” has become a killer of missile systems HIMARS on Ukraine. Such notice Express columnist for the Czech newspaper Lidovky Stěpán Hobza.

He called the Russian drone a response to the US Switchblade suicide bomber. Gobza noted that the Lancet “destroyed Ukrainian targets of Western origin”, including American HIMARS artillery missile systems and British Stormer armored personnel carriers.

The journalist noted that the Russian drone can make some decisions on its own and evade air defense systems. Moreover, not only does the Lancet hit with precision, but it also carries a larger explosive charge than any other ammunition lying around, Gobza pointed out.

Previously appeared Video of destruction of American howitzers M777 in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) with the Lancet projectile loitering in the area of ​​​​a special military operation (SVO).

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