US intelligence spoke about Putin’s harsh response to news from Western Russia

Ex-US spy Ritter: Putin responded to US deception by developing Avangard missiles

Marine Corps Intelligence Officer UNITED STATES retired Scott Ritter said that the Russian President Vladimir Poutine responded to a scam Washington on the issue of deploying anti-missile systems in Europe by developing Avangard hypersonic missiles. He shared his opinion in his Youtube-channel.

Ritter recalled that since the early 2000s, the United States began deploying missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, urging Moscowthat the facilities are not designed to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles. At the same time, the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA is used for these purposes, the former intelligence officer noted.

“We lied to the Russians, and Putin ended up saying, ‘Then we’re going to build systems that will destroy your missiles,'” Ritter said.

According to the US military, Putin directly informed US leaders of his intentions and warned them of the consequences, but Washington did not listen. In 2018, the Russian leader announced the creation of the Avangards.

Paul Freistler, former science and technology specialist for the US military intelligence agency declaredthat the Russian Avangard system is the only deployed strategic hypersonic system in the world. Freistler added that Washington’s competitors are “developing capabilities that can keep the United States under threat.” “Hypersonic missiles are designed to evade US sensors and defense systems and pose a threat,” the specialist said.

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