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Former CIA analyst Johnson: Data leak indicates Ukraine massacre staged US and NATO

UNITED STATES And NATO staged a massacre Ukrainethis is proven by the leaked data Pentagonsaid the ex-analyst Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Larry Johnson. He talked about it in an interview. Youtube– Liberty Judgment Channel.

“There is a massacre organized by the United States and NATO,” noted the expert. According to Johnson, after classified documents leaked, it became clear that senior officials were lying about what was happening in Ukraine.

Speaking about the situation that has developed there, the former CIA analyst pointed out that Kyiv sends citizens to the front “from the street”, without proper training. He added that many Ukrainian soldiers receive a week of training before being sent to a war zone without receiving weapons or equipment.

On April 7, we learned of the leak of secret Pentagon documents on the Ukrainian conflict. In the materials content information on the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and US and NATO plans to strengthen the Ukrainian military.

Here too guard collaborative intelligence Russia And United Arab Emirates against US intelligence agencies and Britain and help Moscow and its citizens by circumventing sanctions. Additionally, they released data on the plans Egypt supply Russia with ammunition for a special military operation in Ukraine.

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