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US Congress accuses Trump of hiding 100 gifts from foreign governments

Ex-president UNITED STATES donald trump and his family ignored the more than a hundred gifts he received from foreign governments during his tenure as head of state. With such an accusation spoke House Oversight Committee Democrats.

It is specified that the ex-leader concealed, among other things, a dagger of Saudi Arabia worth 24 thousand dollars, golf clubs worth 3.7 thousand dollars. In addition, 17 unregistered donations of India was appraised at $47,000, including a vase valued at $8,500, a model of the Taj Mahal valued at $4,600, and cufflinks valued at $1,900. The total value of all unaccounted gifts is approximately $250,000.

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Democratic congressmen say Trump accepted gifts that were more expensive than the norm set by law and failed to report it. They intend to locate these things. Besides, in US Congress intend to request additional information from the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken whether the above gifts and others received during the Trump administration could have been used by foreign governments to influence US foreign policy.

In 2021 US State Department based on survey results could not find a gift given to the former secretary of state Michael Pompeo a $5,800 bottle of 30-year-old Suntory Hibiki whiskey that Pompeo received from the government Japan in 2019. It was later reported that representatives of the new administration had found the vault “in a state of disorder” when they entered it in January.

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