US Chief of Staff announces intention to meet with Gerasimov Russian News EN

US Chief of Staff Milley announced his intention to meet with his Russian counterpart Gerasimov

Chief of General Staff UNITED STATES Marc Milley announced his intention to meet with a Russian colleague Valery Gerasimov after an incident with an American drone in the airspace over the Black Sea. This is reported TASS.

“I plan to speak with my colleague General Gerasimov,” Milley said Wednesday, March 15, at a press conference. He added that the conversation had already been scheduled.

On March 14, Western media broadcast a message about a collision between an American drone and a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea. Later in Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmedthat an American-made MQ-9 drone fell into the Black Sea.

The military department said the drone flew with the transponders turned off and violated the limits of the regime for using airspace near the Crimean peninsula. The UAV was heading towards the state border Russia.

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