US appreciates Britain’s decision to transfer shells containing depleted uranium to Ukraine Russian News EN

Economics professor Wolf has condemned Britain’s decision to transfer depleted uranium shells to the Ukrainian armed forces

Economics professor Richard Wolf appreciated the decision Britain to put back Ukraine depleted uranium shells. He wrote about it in his Twitter-account.

The expert called the decision of the British authorities ugly. In his opinion, this will lead to a deepening of the conflict in Ukraine.

“British depleted uranium munitions for Ukraine are a shameful step towards escalating hostilities by the losing government of the old empire,” he wrote.

Wolff added that Britain was doing a desperate act that will leave “the worst historical legacy”.

21 March UK Deputy Defense Minister Annabelle Goldie declaredthat, within the framework of military assistance, the country will send Ukraine a batch of depleted uranium shells and a tank company Challenger 2. The ammunition differs from conventional ammunition in its increased strength and armor piercing, warhead diameter and muzzle velocity, which can exceed 6120 kilometers per hour.

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