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Women’s sports attorney Riley Gaines has vowed to sue after being assaulted at San Francisco State University

A San Francisco State University administrator has defended the actions of student protesters after women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines was allegedly assaulted at a Turning Point USA event on campus Thursday. She released a statement on Saturday promoting the crowd for “demonstrate[ing] the value of freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest.

thank the “students who participated peacefully” SFSU Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Jamillah Moore offered “counselling and psychological services” to students who needed “reflect, treat and begin to heal” after chasing Gaines off campus. “It took tremendous courage to stand in such a difficult space,” she wrote.

After speaking at the event, Gaines, who has campaigned against the entry of transgender women into women’s sports since she was forced to share a locker room with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, was framed on the SFSU campus for three hours, missing his flight home. “Because it wasn’t safe to leave,” she told Campus Reform on Tuesday.

“These ‘peaceful’ protesters stormed into the classroom where I was explaining why gender-protected sports are necessary for fairness and safety and ambushed me,” Gaines said.

Protesters reportedly demanded money in return for her safe passage, and she was repeatedly beaten by an individual she believes to be a biological male. A video of his escape attempt posted on social media shows a crowd of people shouting slogans, including “Trans rights are human rights”, while chasing her through classrooms and hallways.

When Gaines expressed shock that the school could describe protesters’ actions as “peaceful,” Moore reportedly blocked her on Twitter. She posted a screenshot of the crash screen, warning that Moore “will not be able to ignore my lawsuit.”

The SFSU riot caught the attention of conservative lawmakers, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who described it as “an appalling attack on free speech on a college campus” and pledged support from House Republicans.

Increasingly aggressive protests at conservative events have had a noticeable chilling effect. Last month, Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh, whose recent film asked “What is a woman”? conference events canceled at Washington and Lee University due to threats against [his] family.”

Conservative commentators aren’t the only ones being silenced – economist and transgender woman Deirdre McCloskey recently backed out of a debate with anti-trans conservative Michael Knowles scheduled for this month at the University of Pittsburgh after 11 000 people have signed a petition to cancel the event.

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