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Uneducated Woman Has Read 1658 Books In Four Languages ​​In 80 Years Of Her Life

A 94-year-old resident who has not even received a school education Australia From the age of 14, she kept a list of the books she read. his grand-son share with Twitter followers in its 1,658-title reading log.

Ben Myers, principal of Alfacrucis University College in Australia, discovered that his 94-year-old grandmother had written the titles of the books she had read all her life. She even duplicated the list on a typewriter. Myers photographed it and posted snippets on his Twiiter account. “This is an astonishing record of one person’s consciousness, spanning nearly a century,” he wrote.

The woman’s family fled Yugoslavia in 1945. At first they lived in Germanythen moved to Australia. Myers’ grandmother never finished school, but she knew four languages: Serbian, Hungarian, English and German. To read 1658 books in 80 years, she would have to read at least two books a month.

Myers published for subscribers a fragment of her grandmother’s memoir, in which she remembers her flight to Germany. At that time they lived on a farm, where they were allowed to stay for a short time by the owners. The 17-year-old girl, even then, despite the difficulties of the post-war period, strove to acquire knowledge and read everything she could reach.

I wanted to learn German as soon as possible and read good books aloud to my mother. I remember the novels of Dostoyevsky and Dumas. One day I found a small book hidden in the wall. The owners of the farm didn’t know her and said I could keep her. It turned out to be the German edition of Henry Drummond’s The Greatest in the World. I fell in love with it and read it several times. I decided on the spot to build my life on this book.

from the memoirs of Ben Myers’ grandmother

Myers’ post received around 80,000 likes and 4.5 million views on Twitter. Subscribers expressed their respect for the author’s grandmother and admired her love of reading despite her lack of education.

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