Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier complained of ‘shell hunger’ in Artemovsk : Ukraine : Former USSR :

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier from Leitekha complained of ‘shell hunger’ in Artemovsk

Armed Forces soldier Ukraine (APU) Oleksandr Leitekha complained about the shortage of shells in the positions of Artemovsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut). On this subject informed “Military review”.

According to him, the lack of ammunition did not allow the Ukrainian armed forces to hit the Russian tank. T-90 “Breakthrough”, which would have been located behind the house at a distance of a shot.

The Ukrainian army reported the failure to the leadership, but in response they received a ban on hitting the tank with “expensive NATO ammunition”, deciding that the stationary tank was knocked out and did not pose a threat . As a result, the T-90 left the position and left for a safe place, the Ukrainian fighter complained.

Leitekha pointed out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine calculated “more than 75% of the firing positions Russian Armed Forces”, but cannot shoot them due to a lack of artillery ammunition.

Former Russian military analyst Vasily Dandykin rolled up that the struggle for Artemovsk is coming to an end. “Now it is clear that things are not going well for Ukrainian units in Artemovsk,” he said. According to the analyst, the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city have a small free “throat” through which they can be supplied with ammunition and reinforcements.

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