Ukraine has called on the West to extradite more corruption suspects Russian News EN

Ukraine’s SAPO chief Klymenko called on the West to extradite more corruption suspects

Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) Ukraine Alexander Klimenko urged Western countries to extradite more corruption suspects. His words son Reuters.

“In 90% of our cases we have one, two, three or more people who are abroad and the procedure for transferring these people to Ukraine is complicated,” he said. Klymenko said most countries refuse to extradite corruption suspects, citing the difficult security situation and detention conditions in Ukraine. He stressed that the facilitation of extradition is “extremely relevant” to the efforts Kyiv in the fight against corruption

Previously became known about the appearance of a department for the prevention of corruption in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The department called on residents of the country to report cases of abuse or corruption risks in the area of ​​defense procurement.

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