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Washington Post: A leak of classified documents has caused panic in the management of the Pentagon

leak of secret information Ukraine caused a real panic within the management Pentagon. The newspaper talks about it Washington Post, referring to their own sources. It should be noted that the Pentagon in response to the incident limited the transfer of data to its allies.

The publication’s interlocutors called this type of restriction “unusually stringent, and it indicates a high level of panic”. At the same time, Europe fears that Washington can also limit allies’ access to their intelligence. Many published documents contain notes that prohibit their transfer to foreign citizens.

According to the publication, the leak shows and confirms that states are actively engaged in intelligence against their own allies – this can cause them an extremely negative reaction. A source told WP that as of now, “the full extent of the leak is unclear” and that only the first batch of documents have likely been released. Materials found on the Internet “affect almost all areas of activity of the intelligence apparatus UNITED STATES“, concluded the publication.

For the first time on the leak of secret documents from the Pentagon on the conflict in Ukraine reported April 7. The leaked files, dated early March, also contain information on US plans and NATO strengthen the Ukrainian army.

On April 9, a high-level intelligence source told The New York Times that leaked data on the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces threat damage US relations with its allies in Europe. According to him, the disclosure of information has been painful, and this fact may limit the exchange of information.

Additionally, leaks show that states have access to the plans not only of Ukraine, but also Russiasaid the experts. Thanks to this, Washington can warn Kyiv on the intended targets of future attacks.

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