Two cops injured while trying to break up a fight between dogs and cats – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Two members of a police convoy in Russia were reportedly injured while defending a fellow canine officer ambushed by a vicious assailant – a wild cat.

The dramatic fight, which was reported by several Russian media on Tuesday, allegedly took place in the town of Dmitrov, in the Moscow region.

The two human officers and their four-legged comrade were escorting inmates to a police station when a local feline either “provoked” Or “offensive” the police dog, sources say.

The two sergeants, identified in some reports as Maksim Andronov and Pavel Bezruk, suffered minor hand injuries as they rushed to break up the fight. They also suffered a few bites, presumably by the civilian assailant and not by the trained law enforcement officer.

According to media reports, the dog was not injured in the altercation. The cat would have escaped the long arm of the law. The fate of the human detainees was not described.

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