Trump returned to Facebook and apologized to followers Russian News FR

Former US President Donald Trump announced in a Facebook address

Ex-president UNITED STATES donald trump returned to Facebookforbidden in RF social network; belongs to the Meta company, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned). He announced it on his social network page.

“I’m back,” the post said. The ex-leader also attached to the post a video communicating with his supporters after winning the 2016 election. “Sorry to keep you waiting, things were tough,” Trump said in the video.

Previously, the administration of the social network unlocked account of the former US president after two years of blocking. Business Management explain his decision on Trump’s plans to run for president. “We’ve always believed that Americans should be able to hear from people who want to lead the country,” said the company’s president of global affairs. Nick Clegg.

Twitter and Facebook suspended Trump’s accounts in early 2021. The move came after the politician’s supporters staged riots on Capitol Hill in January. Five people have died and dozens have been arrested following the protests. Access to Trump’s YouTube accounts has also been restricted.

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