Trump decided to publish correspondence with country leaders and stars Russian News FR

Trump decided to publish a book with letters from country leaders and celebrities for 40 years

ex-president UNITED STATES donald trump is preparing to publish a book with 150 personal letters he has already received from various celebrities. On this subject report “News”.

Speaking about his new book Letters to Trump in an interview with Breitbart News, the politician said: “I knew them all – and every one of them kissed my ass, now only half of them do.”

Trump on several occasions, even before becoming president, actively corresponded with well-known representatives of various fields. He spoke to the queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana michael jackson, Clint EastwoodOprah Winfrey, Shaquille O’Neal, Former US Presidents – Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and his son George Bush Jr., bill clinton And barack obamaand former president Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, President PRC Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

As the son of former President Donald Trump Jr. noted, many celebrities turned their backs on his father after he ran for high office. According to him, “Letters to Trump” will show the stars’ true attitude and false disdain for Trump. In total, it was decided to publish 150 letters.

Two of his assistants have helped the politician analyze messages over the past 40 years. They ranked them. Trump himself calls his collection of letters a real treasure. It is already known that the book without an autograph will cost $99, and with it – $399.

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