Tornado hurts over 600 people in US state Russian News EN

More than 600 people have been injured in the US state of Arkansas due to two tornadoes

More than 600 people were injured due to two tornadoes that hit the US state of Arkansas on March 31. informed CBS channel.

It should be noted that the main impact of the disaster fell on the central part of the state, in particular on the administrative center of Little Rock and its surroundings. Currently, data on the severity of the condition of the victims are specified.

As part of the incident, a state of emergency was instituted in the state and National Guard forces were also involved, whose purpose is to help in the aftermath of a natural disaster. According to the channel, more than 70,000 Americans were left without electricity.

Previously, we knew that US states Mississippi and Alabama at least 26 people deceased by a devastating tornado. Wind gusts reached 129 kilometers per hour, rain and large hail battered the affected areas. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed, thousands of houses were left without electricity.

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