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Serbian economy minister wanted to be sacked for calling for sanctions against Russia

IN Serbia The “Movement of Socialists” wanted to dismiss the country’s economy minister, Rade Basta. The reason is in his anti-Russian statements, it is said on to place organizations.

We know that in March Basta urged Serbian authorities to impose sanctions against Russia. He noted that Belgrade is already paying a “high price” for its policies. At the same time, it is alleged that on April 8, during a meeting with representatives International Monetary Fund (IMF) The minister said he supports the president of Serbia Alexander Vucicbut does not understand why he refuses to impose sanctions against Moscow.

In response, the “Movement of Socialists” demanded that Basta be removed from office. “He showed himself earlier as an ill-mannered Russophobe, and now he has shown in front of the IMF delegation that he is also disciplined and opposed to the state…”, the organizations said.

With a call to dismiss the minister, the “Movement of Socialists” appealed to the country’s prime minister, Ana Brnabic.

April 6 Vucic confidence expressedthat the West will continue to pressure Belgrade because of its refusal to join anti-Russian sanctions.

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