There were details about the death of a seventh-grader during a physical education class in St. Petersburg Russian News FR

“Mash on the Moika”: a girl from St. Petersburg who died in physical education fell ill from running a snake

Seventh-grade student who died in physical education at Saint PETERSBOURG, fell ill while running a snake. Details of the child’s death have been given Telegram-channel “Mash on the Moika”.

According to the authors of the post, physical education was the first lesson in the girl’s schedule. During the lesson, the teacher ordered the students to play without a snake, and the schoolgirl started the exercise with the rest of her classmates, but during its implementation she felt bad. The child moved away, grabbed the handrails, but fell to the ground.

According to the channel, immediately after that people around called the school doctor and an ambulance. The doctors who arrived were unable to resuscitate the girl and declared her dead.

“Mash on the Moika” also found that the deceased schoolgirl was the eldest of a prosperous family, studied well and did not come into conflict with teachers and classmates.

About the death of a twelve-year-old girl during a physical education class in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg became known the morning of March 15. The seventh grader was reportedly diagnosed with a heart murmur but was not exempted from school sports.

Earlier in a kindergarten near Moscow during a physical education class deceased six-year-old boy with a congenital heart defect. When the child fell ill, he called an ambulance. Paramedics who arrived at the scene were unable to resuscitate the child.

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