The World Bank has predicted billions of dollars in additional spending for Ukraine Russian News EN

World Bank chief Malpas predicted Ukraine will spend an additional $11 billion in 2023

President world Bank (WB) David Malpas predicted that Ukraine there will be additional key economic spending in 2023, which will amount to about $11 billion, reports CASS.

“We estimate the country will face an additional financing gap of $11 billion in 2023 to cover critical economic and investment spending,” he said.

The head of the organization noted that the bank managed to find “emergency financing” for Ukraine, the amount of which exceeds 23 billion dollars. He added that $20 billion of that amount had already been distributed. Malpas assured that the bank is closely monitoring that the funds allocated Kyiv the funds were used for the intended purpose.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Chmygalwho visits UNITED STATESduring a meeting with the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin address asked him to supply kyiv with long-range missiles and fighters.

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