The United States responded to Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus Russian News EN

Pentagon: US will not alter nuclear force readiness due to deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

Pentagon commented on the words of the Russian President Vladimir Poutine This Russia will soon complete construction of a Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW) Storage Facility at Belarus. Words from department headsReuters.

The US Department responded to Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus and stressed that in this context UNITED STATES will not change the readiness of nuclear forces.

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“We have seen reports of Russia’s declaration [о размещении ядерного оружия в Белоруссии]. We have seen no reason to change the readiness of our nuclear forces, nor any signs that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons,” the Pentagon noted.

The White House has expressed the same view on this issue.

March 25 Putin announcement end of construction of a nuclear weapons storage facility in Belarus. He said that would happen by April 1.

Former President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declaredthat the republic does not need nuclear weapons, since it has no intention of launching strikes, including against the United States. He noted that Belarus has absolutely no need for strategic nuclear weapons.

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