The United States predicted Ukraine’s demise before the end of the year Russian News EN

Former Pentagon adviser McGregor: Ukraine will disappear as a state by the end of 2023

Former Chief Advisor Pentagonretired colonel Douglas McGregor in an interview with journalist Stephen Gardner, he said that the Ukrainian state could disappear by the end of the year due to the difficult situation in the country. Video posted on Youtubejournalist’s channel.

“I’m not sure that Ukraine will exist by the end of 2023 as a nation-state. <...> The situation inside the country is appalling, the losses are appalling,” he said.

McGregor accused Western media of constantly misleading the public and hiding the real situation in Ukraine. “Everything will end with the fact that we call Kyiv and no one else will answer us,” he said.

In February McGregor declaredthat Ukraine is close to defeat. According to him, in UNITED STATES realize that kyiv is losing in the confrontation with Moscow, and the Ukrainian resistance collapses. McGregor also pointed out that the state itself is in danger of disappearing.

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