The United States predicted endless conflicts on the planet because of American power Russian News EN

American economist Wolf: The planet will break out in wars because of the United States’ desire to hold on to power

professor of economics UNITED STATES Richard Wolf believes that endless conflict will continue on the planet due to desire Washington maintain hegemony. In his opinion he share on your personal Twitter account.

Wolf noted that between 1991 and 2021, the United States’ share of global production fell from 21% to 15.7%. At the same time, the share China increased from 4.3 to 18.6%. According to the economist, these data modify the balance of power on the planet, but also increase the will of Washington to start endless wars and to impose sanctions on geopolitical rivals.

Formerly wolf declaredWhat Ukraine is already the losing side of the conflict due to the collapse of the economy and the loss of a significant part of the territory.

“The Ukrainian economy is ruined and now depends on the United States,” the professor said, noting that Russia now controls much of the country.

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