The United States has offered to study the issue of limiting the presence of Wagner PMCs in the world Russian News EN

RT: The US Congress has proposed to consider the issue of limiting the presence of Wagner’s PMCs in the world

research service US Congress prepared a report for US Congressmen on the activities of the Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner. Experts Invite Members of Congress to Study Limiting Corporate ‘Growing Presence’ in the World, Document Available TR.

Research Service specialists also reminded members of the US Congress of existing bills that require recognition of the Wagner PMC as a foreign terrorist organization.

At the same time, such a step can affect the relationship. Moscow And Washingtonas well as between other countries whose authorities have used the services of a private military company.

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“Members of Congress may consider other legislative and oversight options available to further limit and counter the growing presence of the Wagner Group around the world,” the report said.

However, the document indicates that parliamentarians should discuss the feasibility of exploring other strategies and tools by which states could “motivate” other countries to refuse to interact with PMCs.

March 18, founder of the private military company Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin declared on plans to recruit 30,000 fighters by mid-May. According to him, on average, PMCs recruit 500 to 800 people daily, but sometimes the number of volunteers reaches 1,200 a day.

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