The United States has offered to invite three more countries to NATO Russian News EN

Former Trump adviser Bolton suggested inviting Australia, Israel and Japan to NATO

Former Assistant to the President UNITED STATES for national security John Bolton in a Wall Street Journal article spoke with an extension proposal NATO by inviting into the alliance countries that can make a significant contribution to its budget, in particular Australia, Israel And Japan.

“We should implement the proposal Jose Maria Aznar (former Prime Minister Spainapproximately. “”) to make NATO global by inviting Japan, Australia, Israel,” he said, noting that other states that would be willing to contribute to the defense budget could also be invited to the Alliance. of the North Atlantic.

The former Trump adviser added that he believes it is necessary for the United States and its allies to increase defense spending as a percentage of GDP to values ​​that were during the presidency. Ronald Reagan. To do this, he proposed cutting the federal budget in other areas.

Former military-industrial expert Jordan Prescott saidthat the entry into NATO of the countries of Eastern Europe has had a negative impact on the defense capability of the alliance. According to him, the new members of the bloc have not been able to modernize their own arsenals.

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