The United States has expressed concern over Hungary’s close ties with Russia Russian News EN

U.S. Ambassador to Budapest Pressman: U.S. concerned about close Hungarian-Russian ties

US Ambassador to Budapest David Pressmann commented on the intro UNITED STATES sanctions against the International Investment Bank (IIB) located in the Hungarian capital, as well as its subsidiary in Moscow. According to him, Washington is concerned about the close ties forged between Hungary With Russiareports TASS.

“We are concerned that the Hungarian government continues to maintain close ties with Russia,” the diplomat said.

He noted that, according to the United States, Russia controls the IIB, in connection with which sanctions have been imposed against it and its leaders.

Formerly Pressman urged Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban turn away from Russia and strengthen ties with Western partners. He added that the country has come to an important point in determining its future course.

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