The UN announced the impact of problems with payment systems on Russian exports Russian News EN

UN Deputy Secretary-General: Russia’s agricultural exports are hampered by problems with payment systems

Deputy General Secretary The United Nations (UN) Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths declared that agricultural exports Russia interfere with problems with payment systems. He announced it at a meeting UN Security Counciltransmits RIA News.

“Obstacles remain, especially with regard to payment systems,” he said. The UN deputy secretary-general stressed that the “grains agreement” is extremely important for global food security, adding that the organization will continue its efforts to overcome these obstacles.

At the same time, Griffiths noted that the UN has made serious progress in implementing the memorandum on the export of Russian food and fertilizers.

Formerly Russia agreed extend the grain deal for 60 days after it expires on March 18. According to diplomats, the position Moscow will be determined on the basis of “actual progress” in the normalization of agricultural exports. In the meantime, the extension of the agreement in the Kremlin has been described as a gesture of goodwill.

Agreement on the creation of a safe corridor for the export of Ukrainian grain from ports OdessaChernomorsk and Yuzhny was signed on July 22, 2022 by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN. The coordination of vessel traffic is ensured by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) of Istanbul. The agreement also included the removal of export restrictions on Russian fertilizers. Moscow believes that this part of the agreement is being implemented slowly.

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