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The Sun: a stripper looking like Channing Tatum shares the secrets of the trade

The Aussie Channing Tatum-like stripper has shared the secrets of the trade. In conversation with The sun he talked about private parties, the rules of nudity, and the quirks of male and female customers.

Will Parfit was born in Britainbut ten years ago he left for Australia. At home, the Briton worked in temporary jobs, was engaged in heavy physical labor and did not even think about becoming a stripper.

In Australia, he actively began to go to the gym and pump his muscles. Soon Parfitt began to be compared to famous Hollywood actor Channing Tatum, who the guy really resembles. Then just released the movie “Magic Mike” with Tatum as a stripper. In the wake of the popularity of this film, a group of guys created a strip show “Supermen” (Magic Men), where Will came to work as a topless waiter. Over time, he became one of the headliners of the group and put a lot of effort into promoting the show.

The popularity of the “Supermen” was greatly facilitated by the appearance of Will. The 32-year-old Channing Tatum lookalike now has over a million social media followers, and they’re all familiar with the Aussie strip show.

Will said different countries and even different cities in Australia have different rules regarding the degree of male nudity during stripping. For example, in melbourne, where Will now lives, during the performance you can undress. But in Queensland or other northern states the maximum is a thong. It all depends on the specific site, each institution has its own limitations.

Parfitt also shared some unusual customer requests. Supermen are often invited to divorce parties and bachelorette parties. But strange requests also arrive: the stripper has been invited several times by couples, where men watched him dance for their wives. And again, Parfitt was asked to dance a striptease for a woman’s 90th birthday.

It was a strange order. The old woman has just arrived at the hospital shortly before her birthday. But even then she kept repeating that as soon as she was out she wanted to see the stripper, because she had never seen them. She could barely get up from her chair. So I mostly danced for her granddaughters and she just watched.


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Parfitt spoke to reporters about the difficulties her profession brings to her personal life. He explained that many women are eager to get to know him, but not everyone likes his late performances, touring and semi-naked dancing next to unknown girls.

It’s easy to make an appointment. It’s hard to keep a close relationship, especially because I’m on the road all the time. It’s also obvious that no one wants to see your partner snuggling up to someone else. And that becomes a real problem if you want something more than a few nights together.


In the near future, “Supermen” is expecting a big tour in Europe, UNITED STATES And Canada.

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