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IndiGo Air Hostess Did Video Hairstyle With Makeup And Netizens Thrilled

The stewardess of the Indian airline IndiGo showed in video how she does her hair and make-up before going to work, and delighted Internet users. The girl shared the video on Instagramsocial networks are prohibited RF; belongs to the company Meta, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

First, the stewardess filmed the process of creating her signature hairstyle: after the girl styled her hair, she parted her bangs and several locks, which she braided into tight pigtails. The stewardess gathered the remaining hair into a ponytail and made a bun with a wide rubber band, securing it with a double net and bobby pins.

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After the girl put on pearl earrings and started applying makeup. She first camouflaged the dark circles under her eyes, then applied a tonal foundation. Instead of blushing, the blogger used lipstick, which she shaded onto her cheekbones. The stewardess completed her image in the colors of the airline with bright blue and black arrows.

According to the girl, she tried to be honest with the subscribers, and therefore filmed the whole process without any frills, for example, without shame to show herself without makeup and with skin imperfections. The sincerity of the blogger delighted Internet users: in the comments, users wrote many compliments, and also asked what brands of cosmetics the hostess uses.

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