The State Duma comments on Pugacheva’s check for funding the Armed Forces of Ukraine Russian News EN

State Duma Deputy Drapeko says singer Alla Pugacheva is unlikely to fund Ukrainian Armed Forces

IN State Duma commented on the request for verification of the Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva for the financing of the Armed Forces Ukraine (UPA). First Vice-President of the Culture Committee Elena Drapeko shared his opinion with the radio station “Moscow speaking“.

The politician doubted that the interpreter transferred funds to the Ukrainian military, and also said that she was not interested in Alla Pugacheva. According to Drapeko, the artist “remained far in the past”.

“Today we have much more complex and difficult problems that we have to solve. They’re about new territory, legislation, solving real people’s problems. And what about Alla Pugacheva – behind the striped column. If it finances (APU – approximately. “”), then submit (a verification request – approximately. “”). But I think it’s unlikely,” said the culture committee’s first vice-chairman.

April 12 became knownthat the head of the Federal Security and Anti-Corruption Project Vitaly Borodin appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to check the singer for funding of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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