The State Department could not answer the question on the position of the United States on Nord Stream Russian News EN

The State Department representative could not answer the question about the United States’ position at the UN on Nord Stream

IN State Department could not comment on the decision UNITED STATES abstain from voting in UN Security Council for the investigation of the terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream. This is reported RIA News.

“As far as investigations go…I’ll have to get back to you on that,” the State Department’s deputy official said. Vedant Patel. He explained that he would be able to give an answer after “checking [позиции страны] with the team.”

Formerly Embassy Russia in the USA declaredWhat Washington seeks to “curb” dangerous information about the involvement of US intelligence services in the sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. “We see this as an obvious attempt <...> to “reduce” dangerously for the United States the information of reputable journalists on the probable direct involvement of the American intelligence services in the organization of the “crime of the century” against critical infrastructures. in the Baltic Sea,” the United States charged at the diplomatic mission. The diplomats added that the United States was doing its best to interfere with the investigation into the Nord Stream explosions.

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