The Russians rushed to invest in the mall: City: Habitat:

Nikoliers: shopping centers represent more than 60% of business real estate investments in Russia

According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, shopping centers accounted for 61.4% of commercial real estate investments in Russia. The fact that investors rushed to invest in the mall, according to Nikoliers experts, the material is available to

Total investment in commercial real estate was $1.348 billion. The indicator exceeded the result of the first quarter of 2022 four times and amounted to 47% of all investments over the past year. 828.3 million was invested in shopping centres, 17.6% (238 million dollars) in the hotel segment, 11.4% (154 million dollars) in office real estate and 9.5% (128 million) in warehouses.

84% of transactions concluded are the sale of assets by foreign owners. The value of assets sold by foreign investors in 2022-2023 amounts to $2.6 million. According to expert forecasts, the market for commercial real estate investment will show growth throughout 2023, in particular due to the continuation of transactions for the withdrawal of Western companies from Russian assets. According to the results of the year, the volume of investments in this segment could reach 3-3.5 billion dollars.

Earlier it was reported that in the first quarter of 2023 the share of free space in shopping centers in Moscow hit the highest in the last 10 years. The figure was 14%.

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