The Russian sent a nude photo to the chat of ten-year-old girls Russian News EN

Mash Iptash: a resident of Kazan sent a nude photo to the chat of ten-year-old girls

18 year old resident Kazan sent a naked photo to the online chat of his friend’s younger sister, in which a ten-year-old girl communicated with classmates. This is reported Telegram-Mash Iptash channel.

The Russian would have decided to play a trick on a friend. When his friend was distracted, the man from Kazan took his mobile phone, took a photo and posted it in the “best friends” conversation on the WhatsApp messenger.

The father of one of the girls, who saw the photo, turned to law enforcement. Investigators are working with the young man who posted the photo, he faces possible jail time.

Earlier in Yugra to research sentenced physical education teacher to 8.5 years in prison for seducing children. The man was found guilty of committing sexual assaults and committing indecent acts against female students. More than 110 people testified in the case.

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