The Russian MP proposed to melt the ice in the streets with a flamethrower Russian News EN

Novosibirsk MP Strekalov offered to melt the ice on the streets with a flamethrower

Member of the city council Novosibirsk Vasily Strekalov, together with another member of the state agency, offered to melt the ice on the streets with a flamethrower. On this subject informed Rise Edition.

Strekalov organized a demonstration of this method for local residents, explaining that “this is not a direct military unit, it is for domestic and entertainment purposes”, and that there is no serious danger with a flamethrower.

“We have shown our residents that we are constantly on the lookout. We set them up for creativity. We found another interesting solution. It is a vibrating plate with which the asphalt is driven. There is a certain nozzle that allows you to dig ice without damaging the asphalt. Now we will study it,” Strekalov shared with his other projects.

Previously, representatives of the New People party do V State Duma a bill that allows Russians to annually assess the performance of all deputies, as well as the leadership of regions through the Gosuslugi portal.

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