The Russian army spoke about the situation in the direction of Kremensky in the Donbass : Ukraine : Former USSR :

Russian military Zenit: kyiv throws defense soldiers on the front line near Kremennaya

Kyiv forms the first line of defense in the direction of Kremensk in the Donbass, throwing soldiers of the territorial defense there. Russian military with call sign Zenit spoke about the situation, reports RIA News.

According to the fighter, the Ukrainian army has a territorial defense on the first line of defense, “that is, the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces Ukraine — Note from they save.

In addition, fighters from a separate airmobile brigade were seen in this area, but the main part is precisely made up of territorial defense soldiers, the Russian military said.

old chapter Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov informedthat the Akhmat special forces, together with the servicemen of the 4th brigade of the 2nd army corps under the command of Apta Alaudinov, liquidated a large group of APU fighters between the settlements of Kremennaya and Belogorovka.

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