The Russian ambassador confirmed the existence of problems with the transit of goods through Turkey Russian News EN

Ambassador Erkhov: Moscow and Ankara are trying to resolve the situation with the transit of goods to Russia

Russian and Turkish companies face stricter transit rules in Russia. The presence of problems was confirmed by the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Erkhov March 15 in an interview with reporters. According to him, Moscow And Ankara are working to resolve the situation. This is reported TASS.

“I can confirm that our trade and economic departments in the Russian Federation and Turkey are working on this. I can confirm that for some time now both Russian exporters and Turkish trading companies engaged in international transport have felt a certain hardening rules for the movement of goods,” he said.

The transit issues became known to the media on March 6. Representative of the Russian Embassy in Turkey declaredthat the diplomatic mission is in contact with the Turkish authorities and is trying to resolve the situation, but did not give details of the negotiations.

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Formerly Bloomberg reported that the halt in the transit of goods, which took place under the regime of parallel imports, is linked to the implementation of Western sanctions. It was clarified that the Turkish leadership made such a decision on March 1.

Meanwhile, Georgy Vlastopulo, managing director of Optimal Logistics, citing Turkish partners, said the problems were related to the reconfiguration of the system used to process transit. According to him, in the process of adding goods from the tenth sanctions package European Union a crash has occurred.

Turkey was the most convenient hub for sourcing sanctioned goods, bypassing restrictions. Experts have noted that it is possible to establish new routes through United Arab Emiratesand then Iran or Central Asian countries, but it will be more difficult and more expensive to do so.

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