The political scientist commented on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus Russian News EN

Political scientist Koktysh: Deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus outweighs provocations from the West

Associate Professor of the Department of Political Theory MGIMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Kirill Koktych commented on the placement Russia tactical nukes Belarus. According to him, this counterbalances the provocations of the West during the special military operation (OSV). RIA News.

He explained that such actions are escalation by Western countries, concentration of forces NATO on the borders of Belarus, mainly in Polandwith its aggressive policy, its intentions Britain put Kyiv depleted uranium shells.

In the absence of these factors, there would be no need to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, the expert stressed. “And it was already clear that all aggressive moves by the countries of the NATO bloc give rise to the need not for a public relations or purely declarative response, but for a very real and effective reaction. Moscow“, he pointed out.

Koktysh expressed the view that the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons would deter Ukraineand will also become calls for the West to reflect and stop the escalation.

Former President of Russia Vladimir Poutine informedthat on July 1, the construction of a tactical nuclear weapons storage facility will be completed in Belarus. The Head of State noted that Moscow and Minsk agreed that tactical nuclear weapons would be deployed there without violating obligations under the Treaty on Measures to Reduce and Further Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START, START-III).

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