The Pentagon spoke about attempts to lift the wreckage of the Black Sea drone Russian News EN

The Pentagon said it would look for options to lift the wreckage of the drone from the Black Sea

Authorities UNITED STATES have not yet decided to attempt to recover the wreckage of their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that fell into the Black Sea. About it on press conferences said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, General Marc Milley.

“If there is reason to believe that we can raise something, then we will look for options [это сделать]’ said Milly.

Previously became known about the collision of an American UAV and a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea. Later in Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed that an American-made MQ-9 drone fell into the Black Sea. March 15 Minister of Defense Russia Sergei Shoigu and head Pentagon Lloyd Austin during a telephone conversation discussed drone incident.

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