The Pentagon declared responsibility for Zelensky in the situation with Artemovsk Russian News EN

Pentagon chief Austin: Zelensky must decide for himself whether to stay or withdraw from Artemivsk

Chapter Pentagon Lloyd Austin declared that the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky he must decide for himself whether to leave his army in Artemovsk (the Ukrainian name is Bakhmut) or withdraw from the chosen positions. His words lead RIA News.

Defense Minister UNITED STATES pointed out that Zelensky was fighting this battle, and he alone “decided what is important and what is not for his forces, whether they should be moved or left in Bakhmut”.

At the same time, the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) will not mean Kyiv defeat in conflict with Russia, says Austin. “It can and probably will mean that he will regroup to maintain an advantage,” the Pentagon chief admitted.

Former Russian military analyst Vasily Dandykin announced that the struggle for Artemovsk was coming to an end. “Now it is clear that things are not going well for Ukrainian units in Artemovsk,” Dandykin said. According to the analyst, the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city have a small free “throat” through which they can be supplied with ammunition and reinforcements. At the same time, he noted, this path is traveled by Russian troops and is gradually narrowing.

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