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Owner of a guesthouse in Sochi: Russians most often steal pillows and plates from guesthouses

Russians most often steal from guesthouses of Sochi cutlery, pillows, ashtrays and plates. Information about this is published by the portal SOCHI1.RU.

According to the owner of one of the guest houses, Irina Mysina, every year before the start of the tourist season, she buys everything necessary for the hotel. At the same time, she emphasizes that she always buys the cheapest, because vacationers “either ruin everything or take it with them”.

So, among the most stolen items by guests, she named forks, spoons, knives, plates, bottle openers, ashtrays, barbecue skewers, graters and tea strainers – all this must be updated every year. “A set of pots, however, is enough for two seasons, but they always carry one at a time. Our tourists have a particular love for the carpets that I lay in the bathroom. They are directly pushed massively, – said the interlocutor of the portal. “Often such guests leave without saying goodbye, you will not call them later, they say, return the carpet!”

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In addition, every year the owner of the guest house has to change the curtains and bed linen, as guests often use them for other purposes. “I saw a piece of curtain in the hair of a visitor, well, there was nothing to remove it, you think, I had to go out. In another room, the curtains were burned in several places , in the third, they were usually taken with them, “said Mysina. “Sometimes our guests move, I throw in a brand new sheet, they tore off pieces of it and wiped off the nail polish.

In addition, day-trippers from Ryazan dismantled the chest of drawers, loaded into the car and took with them. “In addition, they handed over the room personally, I checked the pillows, blankets, bed linen, towels, but I didn’t even pay attention to the chest of drawers, or rather the absence of it. This n Wasn’t in my thoughts that they could take away the furniture,” she complained.

Former flight attendant for one of Europe’s largest low-cost airlines appointed the most stolen items on planes by passengers. So, most often, tourists take with them life jackets, metal cutlery, coffee cups, pillows and blankets on planes.

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