The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check Russians who refused the Ukrainian passport, but continue to enjoy the rights of Ukrainian citizens

The Russian Ministry of the Interior wants to obtain the right to carry out checks on Russians who, after having renounced the Ukrainian passport, still enjoy the rights of citizens of this country.

The corresponding draft decree of the President of the Russian Federation published for discussion on the portal for draft regulatory legal acts. Attention was drawn to him TASS And “Honeycomb”.

The complete document lawwhich makes it easier for Russian citizens to renounce Ukrainian citizenship, to write “Vedomosti”. According to this standard, adopted in March, a Russian can refuse a Ukrainian passport without confirmation from Kyiv. To do this, you just need to fill out a special form, after which such a Russian undertakes not to take any action related to the rights and obligations of citizens of Ukraine.

According to the text of the draft of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the department will check citizens who have filled out such a form, and if it reveals a violation of obligations, it will write an appropriate conclusion. It will be sent to the citizen himself, as well as to the FSB. The duration of this verification must not exceed three months.

According to Vedomosti, the draft decree also affects residents of the annexed territories of Ukraine – Crimea, DPR and LPR, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Even after writing an application for renunciation of citizenship, they remain Ukrainian citizens and can, for example, receive pensions and social benefits from Kyiv, since the Ukrainian authorities do not recognize such a unilateral renunciation, say experts interviewed by the log.

According to them, a police check can also await anyone who has not formally renounced Ukrainian citizenship. “This is a burning question, is it worth using the method of Interior Ministry inspections to identify people who have a negative attitude towards Russia and what to do with them later so that they waive their rights,” the CEO said. Center for Analytical and Practical Research on Migration Processes said in an interview with Vedomosti Vyacheslav Postavnin.

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War Four hundred and thirteenth day. jellyfish online

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